Chris Andrews: What insight to pair the "Flute Poem" of Charles Tomlinson Griffes with "Renascence" of Edna St Vincent Millay, whose 58-year life overlapped with most of the very short 35 years of Griffes, whom we lost way too young in 1920.

You have real poetic, musical insight to have felt so deeply the union between the two poems.

I am putting this page on my "Favorites" to advert to it over and again!

Oh, Chris Andrews: Thank you so very much for sharing so deeply!

The hilarity of "Men on Pause" is borne from a spirit with insight and artistry.

As a man who adores his wife (Nancy -- 51 years married), two daughters, and granddaughter, I share enthusiastically and happily of the spirit of "Men on Pause".

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Armand, I love all of your comments and am pleased that you enjoy my writing and what I put out there in the way of others' work. More coming soon!


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Couldn't agree more

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Beautiful! :-)

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